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Ittle Dew Review

Posted by Noxid on 2020-08-29

I was originally going to try to make some short writeups about a couple different games, but I had just too much to say about ittle dew 2. I played the switch version, which due to some drama involving a certain publisher was unavailable for some time but i'm glad they finally got it sorted out.

Ittle Dew 2+ (Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox 1 (not the first xbox the other one called 1 that came after the xbox 360))

Scene from the intro

I went into ittle 2 expecting kind of a light zelda-esque action/adventure game and it really went above and beyond my expectations. There's only 4 main "tools" that you have to use but they interact with each other in a surprising amount of ways that are really a joy to discover. Discovering new ways to solve puzzles gives some great "Aha!" moments and really helped me appreciate the care that went into designing all the mechanics.

The difficulty overall is fairly gentle and if you follow the prescribed path you'll more or less always be shown where to go next and how to use the tools you're given effectively. I say the "prescribed" path because one thing that really surprised me about ittle dew 2 is how much freedom they give you to more or less go about your own way and solve dungeons in the order you feel like. To be clear, it's not just allowed - it's even somewhat encouraged by the game and the order you clear the dungeons is even tracked on your save!

More than just being free to go your own way I feel the game is designed to be a fun experience to speedrun as well, and the recognition from the developers is nice. I'm a fan of speedrunning and I get the feeling they are too. Though i probably won't set any records, I'll likely play through the game again sometime just to try out different paths and experience the game a different way.

it's tippsie

Beyond the gameplay itself ittle 2 is a fun, lighthearted game with pleasant, colourful graphics and a cheeky and often mischevious sense of humour. If you've played other games from the ludosity folks you'll probably recognize it. And of course, the game has plenty of secrets and little mysteries to discover on your own.

The following section contains spoilers for some secrets in the game so I created these nice little boxes just for this article :)

ok so I really liked the "true ending" reveal where you collect all the parts and rebuild the adventuring robot and find out she was the one leaving secret notes and things all over the place and even started building her own dungeons to solve. I like to imagine it's a reference to the sorts of folks who find their passion and really get involved with it enough that they start creating content to add to it too. I think it parallels how many people get started with game development and as someone who makes games themselves, idk, i found it charming lol.

Plus the fight itself was very fun and challenging. And then once you've solved the hardest puzzles in the game you get a way to blast through everything that you missed on the way there so you can clear your conscience of getting 100% easier, haha. A really great way to cap off an already excellent game.

All in all ittle dew 2, 2+, i22le 2ew, anyway, it's really nice. absolutely worth picking up if you enjoyed the old 2d zelda games. Or even if you never got to play them! It's approachable I think but maybe i'm biased because i've played through link to the past a few dozen times.

Ok, that's all I have. Thanks for reading!


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