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Posted by Noxid on 2018-06-23

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hey hey whats up

ya boi noxid here comin at you with a HOT new post thats about to blow your dang lids off. you've been waiting. you've been speculating. you've been saying hello. well sit down and get ready for a big plate of HELLO PENGUIN 2 behind the scenes footage

that's right, today i'm bringing out an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming title HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD. It's been a long time since the original was released, and the fans have been waiting very patiently.

Development of 2HD started approximately one year ago, when matt said "hey why dont we remake HELLO PENGUIN 2" and I said "yeah sure I guess I can do that". Since then we've worked hard to steadily increase the scope of the project and grow it from a quick 2-month touchup to a full scale rewrite complete with new features, locations and characters. The main reason for revisiting 2 is, that we want to make HELLO PENGUIN more approachable and fix some performance and gameplay issues present in the original release. As well, since we were working on it, it seemed like a good idea to improve the rest of it as well.

3D game render

the graphics have been redone from the ground up to give an experience that conveys depth and immersion like never before. Featuring art from Brabbit, Matt, and even me I think! the game window is bigger as well, to fit in all the incredible new graphics.

new music sneak peek

we haven't neglected the audio either, including both remastered and new original tracks and sound effects by +w+ composer of the famous "pengsogn.ogg" that captivated the hearts of ones of people. when you play 2HD, be sure to turn your speakers on - you wouldn't want to miss this!

editor screenshot

the HELLO PENGUIN engine - HELLO ENGINE - has been built up over the years, ever since the original HELLO PENGUIN. Recent advances in technology such as "maps" and "scripts" have allowed us to push the game further than ever before. Our robust custom scripting language "TSC 2" allows us the flexibility to make HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD the first penguin game with fully realized conversation trees and romance options. max out your HEART score with a character and you might even get a kiss...

for the "tech heads" out there, HELLO PENGUIN 2 is written in Java and requires Java 8 or higher to run. The engine is almost entirely custom, a spiralling enigma that not even I, its creator, am able to fully comprehend.


one of the most exciting new features of HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD is VIRTUAL PENGUIN. this electronic penguin pal will keep you company throughout your adventure on a handy new screen. Just remember to give it plenty of MEAT and HELLO so it can grow up big and strong!

and that's not all! there's plenty to discover for fans new and old in HELLO PENGUIN 2 HD - new characters, cheat codes, areas and experiences such as the obligatory ice, lava and jungle levels that you've always dreamed of playing over yet again. Keep an eye out for the special Kart racing minigame hidden in each world!

Overall, I hope you enjoy all the work that has been put into this remaster as this will be the "Definitive" HELLO PENGUIN 2 experience. If anyone else tries to sell you a game that's HELLO PENGUIN 2, remember to just say NO and maybe kick them in the shins for good measure.


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