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Stop Filling My Mailbox With So Many Fucking Fliers That I Can't Find My Actual Goddamn Mail

Posted by Luna on 2018-06-07

malicious mailbox cat going Huh?!

Look, I get that everybody has to make a living- really, I do. I've worked plenty of unsavoury jobs in my life, and sometimes you have to do things you don't like to make ends meet. But is there a reason that the people responsible for sending out flyers and coupon books and all that other garbage can't tone it the fuck down, just a little bit?

I went out Monday afternoon to see what the mailman had brought me, as you do. I wasn't expecting anything too fancy, but my tax return had been due for a few days now and I was eager to get a little extra spending money in my pocket. Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox to find it packed to the brim with a bunch of fliers from fucking Best Buy, trying to get me to buy a new TV!

If it was just one group at a time, I think I'd be more okay with it. After all, getting the word out to people is important, no matter who you are. But when I have to sift through a fucking mountain of advertisements for the latest couch cushions available at Jim's Flea-Bait Repo Store, in addition to all the other goddamn papers from political groups and internet providers, it's more than I can stand.

Maybe I did something to piss off my mailman, because that's the only reason I can come up with for why my box is always filled to the brim with this trash. Whatever I did Jim, I'm sorry. Feel free to come over for a beer, or dinner or something, just set me free from this paper-based hellscape!


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